We’re a team of diverse individuals working across the globe to bring innovation to everyone.

Team I&I

Our Mission

SEE’s mission is to work in partnership with educators and businesses with the aim of cultivating an innovative mindset within their spheres of influence.

Together, we nurture a better-informed generation of future leaders that is more resilient and invigorated with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the world.

Our Vision

SEE’s vision is of a world in which everyone can look forward to an immersive and engaging learning experience, no matter their age or expertise.

Through this platform, we hope to equip mentors with the tools to incorporate experiential learning into their training and to inspire lifelong learning.

About our Founder

As a social entrepreneur, start-up strategist, and educator, our founder and CEO Aga Gajownik is driven to use her extensive skill set to help bring out the best in people in order to spark positive change.

After discovering agile and start-up methodologies in her professional career, she started Scrum Educational Experience to introduce this knowledge into schools through meaningful educational frameworks. Over time, this decision has led her to turn traditional hackathons into tools for organisations to draw out people’s unique strengths.

Bespoke training and development programmes for businesses and educational institutions