Our Programmes

SEE has worked with clients all over the world to deliver impactful change. We work with professional and tertiary organisations to fulfil unique project scopes and emphasise the needs of individuals while doing so.

Who we work with

How our frameworks help

We provide teachers in primary and secondary schools with a framework, notably lesson plans, and training to assist them in teaching and increasing interest in STEAM subjects. We engage thus with students from all backgrounds and nurture both their lifelong learning and confidence.

We also collaborate with recruitment companies and HR Services to increase their talent pool.

We also work with tertiary students to help them gain employable and transferable skills, notably through educational hackathons. We want to raise awareness of the different career opportunities they can find in the tech industry (outside coding) and make them feel more confident in their prospects once they have participated in one of our events.

Keen on getting involved?

Or, get in touch with us at see@iandi.eu and we’ll see what we can work out!